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The Philippines

Christened the “Pearl of the Orient” at the end of the last century by the revolutionary martyr Dr. Jose Rizal , and the Fiesta Islands of Asia” by tourist promoters, the Philippines islands are a blend of the romanticism implied in the first description and the joyfulfervour in the second.  A republic of islands dotting the Philippine, Celebes and South China Seas, the Philippines is renowned for its glorious beaches, ancient rice terraces, imposing mountain ranges, spectacular scuba diving and languid lifestyle interspersed with boisterous celebrations.

Filipinos are a hospitable, irrepressible people, a mix of cultures and races as diverse as Malay, Indian, Chinese and Spanish.  Quick to embrace outside influences on dress, language and food, they nevertheless retain traditional Malay values, placing family needs above personal desire and eschewing the forthright style of westerners.  The country’s human kaleidoscopes further enriched by over 60 cultural minorities, many of whom ha…